Search Ends for Tom Brady’s Successor? Patriots’ QB Prospects Dashed Before NFL Draft, Analysts Say ‘They’re Not Ready

The New England Patriots have the 3 pick of the first round. This could probably be their chance to draft a QB that might be honed into the next Tom Brady. But that idea may be a hyperbole to a lot of people. One of the main hindrances to achieving such an ambitious feat is the Patriots’ lack of depth and player infrastructure in the organization.

Colin Cowherd invited Nick Wright to present his Mock Draft and he made the case about the Patriots not being ready to draft a QB anytime soon. An interesting thing to note is that the Patriots never had a pick as high as this in Robert Kraft’s entire tenure. Also, there are some problems with the Patriots in terms of team structure, which Wright underlined.

The New England Patriots have a massive roadblock

While there is little to no contention about who the Bears and Commanders are going to pick in the upcoming draft, questions loom around the Patriots’ stance on the same. Wright pointed out a major flaw in the Patriots system that might not allow them to draft a QB any time soon. The issue persisted in the fact that the New England team lacks a good receiver and a good offensive line to aid their new QB.

“There’s a strong argument to be made Colin, that they are not ready yet to draft a quarterback at 3 with the lack of offensive linemen, offensive weapons. And so, you get Minnesota that desperately wants JJ McCarthy traded already to get a second first-round pick so that they can move up, you get pick 11, you get pick 23, and a future pick if you’re New England,” said Nick Wright trying to substantiate his views.

However, as reported by ESPN, HC Jerod Mayo still has an intention of working toward the leadership of the Patriots. The New England Patriots have been one of the most popular teams in the NFL realm, with players like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski and coaches like Bill Belichick. Filling in these big shoes is going to be an uphill task. Especially now that Mayo has taken charge, the head coach also realizes the importance of re-establishing the “dynasty.”

Reflecting on the same, he expressed, “I see it as gardening. They don’t grow anything, they just make sure the soil is right, grab the weeds, and water every day. That’s how I approach leadership. I want to just water seed. Right now we’re planting seeds and hopefully, that will lead to the next dynasty here with the Kraft family.” The Patriots are aware of their situation currently and ensuring to take steps in a better direction.

The Patriots aren’t completely oblivious of their situation

The team knows that they need to bolster their offense and are already looking into wide receiver prospects like North Carolina’s Devontez Walker and Central Florida’s Javon Baker. Walker has already met with the Pats, while Baker is still waiting for his turn to have a meeting. This year’s offensive tackles and wide receivers are some of the best prospects in a while.

If the Patriots decide to forfeit their 1 round pick, they have a chance to trade for more picks. But as it happens, they have the 34 overall pick and could have a go at drafting a receiver or a tackle on day 2 of the draft. So, all is not lost. Wright’s analysis might hold some truth to it, but Robert Kraft might be able to turn things around if certain elements during the draft align well with the team’s current roster.

Would the Pats be able to bolster their personnel ahead of the season? Would they be able to revive the “dynasty?” What do you think?


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