Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello & Charli XCX Create Magic On-Stage With Duet Of “Shake It Off” On Reputation Tour

Taylor Swift Opens Tour With Camila Cabello, Charli XCX | GRAMMY.com

What happens when you take a full stadium of adoring fans, add some incredible backup dancers, and bring three of music’s biggest female stars onto the stage for one electric performance? The answer is simple: create a spectacular live experience that fans will not soon forget. On Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour, that’s exactly what happened when she was joined onstage by both Camila Cabello and Charli XCX for a dynamite playthrough of Swift’s immovable hit “Shake It Off”.

To call the performance dynamic would be an understatement. Not only is the song itself fun, energetic, and unforgettable, but the trio of talent is in top form during this unexpected collaboration. On top of all that, it’s clear from the get-go that everyone on stage is having the time of their lives performing for a swarm of loving fans who are all eager to see Taylor Swift succeed at everything she pursues. Watch the incredible performance below; it’ll be hard not to smile after watching it!

While “Shake It Off” might have been a Taylor Swift original that initially featured Swift and Swift alone, it has to be said that this version is incredibly fun. Each musician brings their own flair to the song, as they happily dance and look at each other whilst they perform. The positivity that radiates from their performance, coupled with the unexpected fireworks, is infectious and was sure to be a highlight of this incredible tour from Taylor Swift. This colorful night was bound to be unforgettable.

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest musical superstars in the world and has experienced unprecedented levels of fame and success. Her army of fans spans all corners of the globe, and her songwriting and approach to the music world have massively influenced the industry itself. Her 20-year-long career began when she was only 14, and she signed with Big Machine Records in 2005. From there, her career and fame have only skyrocketed year after year. At just 18, she released her self-titled record.

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Not only is Taylor Swift massively successful in her music career, but she is also immensely dedicated to both her performances and her fans. Her sold-out tours span over the course of months and several continents at a time, as she brings her music to fans all over the world. These shows are by no means short, either; some can span up to a whole three hours of performances from Swift and her backup team, which shows just how far she will go to bring an evening of music and fun to the masses.

The Reputation Stadium Tour was the fifth concert tour that Taylor Swift had embarked on, which was organized to support her 2017 record Reputation. Alongside praise for Taylor Swift’s performance, critics positively commented on the prominent stage design and the imagery that was present during the show, which also complimented the theme of Reputation.

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